RARA-AVIS: RE: Max Brand

From: Duane Spurlock ( duane1spur@yahoo.com)
Date: 02 Sep 2003

"Michael Robison" < zspider@gte.net> wrote:
<< Richard Moore wrote:
> The only part that gives me pause is his last point.
 I have read
> enjoyed) a fair amount of Max Brand and much of it
predates Hemingway, Hammett and
> Chandler. I have not read as much of his later
stories which would include
> those published under the Evan Evans name but I have
trouble imagining Faust
> changing styles as a result of reading Hammett and
the like and channeling that
> into stories published as by Evans. What I have
read of late Brand does not
> seem all that different from the Brand of the late
teens and early 1920s.

************ Gruber wrote about Max Brand in his PULP JUNGLE. Max would sit down every morning for a couple hours and pound out his daily quota. I'm thinking it was 16 pages. If I recall, Max drank quite a bit, too. The amazing thing about a lot of those pulp writers is that they could knock out finished copy the first time.

And Faust didn't revise, apparently -- he disdained his popular pulp fiction, even though it supported his extravagant lifestyle and helped introduce him to Hollywood (first via his westerns, with even early examples being picked up as vehicles for Tom Mix and other silent stars; and later thanks to Dr. Kildare, which really built a fan base for his work). So, he hammered out his 15 or more pages a day and didn't look at it again. Instead, he pored sweat over writing and revising up to two lines of poetry a day -- and no one remembers him for that today.

For more about Frederick Faust/Max Brand, check out the section devoted to Brand on my website, The Pulp Rack, at http://www.pulprack.com

- Duane Spurlock

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