Re: RARA-AVIS: Marijane Meaker and Patricia Highsmith

From: Michael Robison (
Date: 01 Sep 2003

Mark Sullivan wrote:
> The Algonquin was popular with the Gold Medal writers? I thought it
> catered to a more literary crowd. Isn't that where "Mrs Parker and her
> Vicious Circle" (as the Alan Rudolph film called them) held court?
> Sure, that was a bit earlier, but I still find it surprising that the
> disreputable paperback writers would be welcome there, or want to be.
> Then again, they probably drank enough that any bar would welcome their
> money and patronize their patronage.

********** Yup, Meaker says the Algonquin was a hangout for the Gold Medal writers. She also has some interesting comments about writing the paperback originals, saying that some of her closest friends would pat her on the back and tell her not to worry, that she would make it into hardcover one of these days. This worried Meaker because she wasn't sure she could deal with the loss of income. She said she made twice the money off her Gold Medals than Highsmith got for her hardcovers. Meaker also noted that her paperbacks got reviewed in the same Boucher column as the hardcovers.


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