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 Richard wrote:
 "A couple of years ago in a moment of dark thoughts I challenged
 everyone to name the one novel they would select if they were to become
 subject to a form of dementia that resulted in the loss of all short
 term memory. This means that a mystery fan could read and reread the
 same novel over and over again with each reading being new and fresh."
 Or investigate the same murder over and over.
 Have you thought about suing the Nolans for the story idea for Memento?
I certainly made (nor make) any claim of originality and my postings predated my viewing of the movie "Momento." After all, countless jokes have depended on the loss of short-term memory for their meaning for more years than I can count. I do consider the creators of "Momento" to have been touched by a bit of genious. They took a fairly current concept and turned it into a brilliant piece of art.

As for my old challenge, let me repeat it. What novel would you choose if you understood that this would be the only novel you would ever again read? Each reading would be as if for the very first time.

So think about it (probably more than I have). Despite my choice, I think that the most creative novels would have an advantage over entries from a favorite series where the basic creativity is part of the background. For me, I still chose THE TASTE OF ASHES by Howard Browne because I considered it the best PI novel that I have ever read. Am I saying that this novel is better than any written by Chandler or Hammett?


So, to repeat, what's your choice for the novel that you would choose if you would from now until the end of time only read on novel, over and over again, with the understanding that your appreciation would be fresh each time as Madonna would say "like the very first time"?

Richard Moore

Richard Moore

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