RARA-AVIS: Scamming, electronically or on paper: Schooley

From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 29 Aug 2003

The "I need your good-faith gift of account numbers and/or cash donation" scam is not only a variation on one of the ones highlighted in THE STING, giving you some idea of its longevity, but the specifics of this one go back at very least as far as 1989, when I received a snail-mail solicitation to participate in the liberation of funds, when I was a staff member of an international professional association. Somehow, it hasn't seemed any more tempting as I get about three email solicitations of this sort a day, on average.

I think this, like most pyramid schemes, doesn't need centralization so much as the initiative to get one's own scam going. TM

-----Original Message----- From: Kerry Schooley [mailto: gsp.schoo@skylinc.net] As a side-bar to this, within the past year my local papers announced the arrest of a couple operating the Nigerian scam from a sleazy motel room a couple miles from my home. It's done on the internet of course, so the scam can originate from anywhere (in this case Canada pretending to be Nigeria) and reach anywhere- and that's my question. I've wondered since whether these folks were North American central for this scam, or just sort of a local franchise. Each of these possibilities assumes some sort of organization, which ain't necessarily so. Any insights?

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