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Date: 28 Aug 2003

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 Richard, have those Whitfield stories ever been reprinted?
 Like you, I admire Whitfield's cool, modern style. Because
 Hammett was such a giant, it's easy to overlook Whitfield,
 who worked on the same level.
 Not only could he do the ultrahardboiled thing perfectly,
 but he put the lyrical thing and the psychological thing (I
 am thinking, particularly, of the Jo Gar stories and Green
 Ice) just as effectively.
 You are a lucky guy. But you knew that.

Hey, Buddy, you call me lucky and I hope you are right. I bought a Powerball ticket today for the Saturday drawing.

I don't know of any reprinting of these Whitfield stories from Adventure. I picked up my first Whitfield novel many years ago and then greatly enjoyed his shorter work as it now and then was reprinted. One of the joys of my Ellery Queen collection was the reprints of Whitfield and other BM masters. I wonder what health condition cut short his career. He lived nearly a decade after his high production period.

Richard Moore

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