RARA-AVIS: Finding Christ in Chicago & other adventures

From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 27 Aug 2003

First of all thanks Mr. T, although I gain more than I give in this forum.

Now on to the subject heading. Finding Christ in Chicago should not be hard given that Chicago is the home of the Dwight L. Moody Institute, which as a youngster growing up in the Southern Baptist Church I learned was a special place of holy learning. Last month I heard for the first time about the student at the Moody Institute who was both blind and missing both arms. He could, however, read Braille with his tongue and...but I digress.

No, what the subject heading refers to is the April 8, 1926 issue of Adventure magazine that contains T.S. Stribling's long story "Christ In Chicago," which has headed my most wanted list since I read an article by Sam Moskowitz discussing Stribling's fantasies. I am a fan of Stribling--mystery, fantasy and mainstream-- and this is quite exciting.

It comes as part of a 19 issue Adventure purchase I have just completed. Of more interest to this list is that the group includes the issues containing three of the four stories Raoul Whitfield sold to Adventure in 1927-1931. I will report on them once they are in hand. I have always liked Whitfield and borrowed his last name for the main character in my three novels.

Other interesting items will be the Val Lewton pieces published years before his days on the RKO lot creating magic on a limited budget.

Anyway, this is a great booking day and I figured this group would appreciate my shouts of joy. There really is something special about finally getting hands on something long sought after.

Richard Moore

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