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From: Al Guthrie ( allanguthrie@ukonline.co.uk)
Date: 27 Aug 2003

Issue 2 is now up at: http://www.allanguthrie.co.uk

With Bill's indulgence, here's the full table of contents:

Featured author: Jason Starr
--"Cold Caller" essay by Lee Horsley
--"Nothing Personal" reviewed by Andrew Jamieson
--"Fake I.D." reviewed by Charlie Williams
--"Hard Feelings" reviewed by Dave Zeltserman
--"Tough Luck" reviewed by Allan Guthrie

The Minute You're Dead: Symbolism And Mythology in Boston Teran's "God Is A Bullet" by Michael Robison William R Cox's "Hell To Pay" reviewed by Brian Thornton Carny Noir: Bearded Ladies And A Man Eating Chicken by Michael S. Chong So You Want To Write Noir by Cornelius Lehane Charles Williams: More Than A Slight Return by Ed Lynskey Falling Into "The Sin Pit" by Gary Lovisi Gothic Noir by C.S. Thompson Cornelius Lehane's "Beware The Solitary Drinker" reviewed by Allan Guthrie
'The Innocent Victim': Alienation And Existentialism In The Noir Crime Novels Of David Goodis And Chester Himes by Reuben Welsh S.J. Rozan's "Winter And Night" reviewed by Jochem Vandersteen BMF: A Cat Named Shaft, A Man Called Tidyman by Raymond Embrack Titus Andronicus: Revenge Tragedy As Shakesperian Noir by David Gow Jim Thompson's "Hell Of A Woman" reviewed by Katrina Munro
'Money Grubbers And Social Climbers': The Upwardly Mobile Killer Protagonist by Lee Horsley

This issue's New Writers: Allan Guthrie, Ed Lynskey, Jochem Vandersteen, Raymond Embrack, C.S. Thompson, Dave Zeltserman, Cornelius Lehane and Stuart Mark.

Let us know what you think.

Al Guthrie
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