RARA-AVIS: Take it back and moving on

From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 26 Aug 2003

If this duplicates an earlier post, I apologize. I've never had a posting go through from work. But as I said earlier, I regret posting my grumpy message of yesterday. Yes, I am not fond of hair-splitting and polemics. But the tone of my comment was too harsh. I am just getting grumpy in my old age and never more than on a Monday after returning to work after a week of vacation in Asheville and Atlanta.

There was an antiquarian book fair on in Atlanta in conjunction with an antiques sale. Several dealers had some wonderful SF and fantasy hardbacks. I bought a few Blue Book pulps at a reasonable price. Discovered a new book store in Decatur (a suburb of Atlanta) that is one of the better used book stores I have visited in recent years. Also visited another in north Atlanta that featured stock that was wildly overpriced. If their prices could be easily had, I would be a lot more comfortable about surviving my old age. Right now my hope is to be able to afford brandname canned dogfood that I can heat up under the highway bridge.

Speaking of wild prices, there was an eBay auction of 48 of the first 49 issues of "Manhunt" that drew 40 bids and eventually sold for over $2,300! That's over $40 per issue! If that price was real (which I doubt it was more than a fluke) then mama can pass the Alpo when we get to the overpass.

Richard Moore

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