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From: Mario Taboada (
Date: 25 Aug 2003

<<Perhaps you can draw consolation from this: you can be a legend in my mind if I can be a legend in yours.>>

Ooh, an interesting variation of the old postcoital quip,
"I'll tell you who I was thinking of if you'll tell me who you were thinking of". If on a movie, this would be cut out on US television to "I'll tell you." The previous scene would have been cut out, too, so a fresh start would be made, somebody would be dressing very quickly, grabbing a coat and going to work.

Getting back to hardboiled literature, I am working my way through Simenon's _Maigret and the Man on the Bench_
(1953). So far, it's been a fine read, with a grim literary atmosphere and a beastly, just beastly, atmospheric atmosphere. I claim a first, etc.

The Detective Book Club triple decker also has _Catch the Saint_ by Charteris and _No Place for Murder_ by George Harmon Coxe, probably the best second-rate writer in the business, which makes him first-rate minus. These triple deckers are so cheap, particularly the cardboard covers... I must have a hundred of them. A lot of authors are totally forgotten, but they did reprint a lot of good stuff. One out of three is a score, I figure.

Best, and please excuse the rambling. We are finally having some decent summer weather and it feels good.


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