Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Harry O & Rockford: Literary Influences Coming and Going

From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 24 Aug 2003

MrT wrote:

"For example, Hope to Die (which I finished this afternoon) has a good story in it --Block is an honest writer who doesn't write unless he has a story. But the ramifications and extraneous material strike me as filler, not as an ambitious broadening of the genre."

I absolutely agree. What the hell was all of that stuff about the death of Scudder's ex-wife and his relationship with his sons? Yeah, there were a couple of parallels with the main story, but I agree that it was just boring filler. I still enjoyed the book, but would have enjoyed it more if it had been chopped and channeled. And considering Everybody Dies (which also could have been streamlined in my estimation) seemed like such a conscious effort to wipe the slate clean (although
"Everybody" who dies did not include any of the central characters) and rebuild, I was amazed at how little difference it made.


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