RE: RARA-AVIS: Top 10 Noir Films... AND MORE

From: Etienne Borgers (
Date: 23 Aug 2003


I strongly suggest you consult my web site, where you will find a rather large chapter devoted to Noir/HB films. It's giving recommendation lists and they are grouped by time periods (from noir roots to neo-noir). For
*each period* there are also, besides the list of recommended films, a selection of 4 films considered as the best and most representative. There are of course some general comments (short texts) for each period, allowing you to situate why these periods and how I see the evolution of this genre.

I suppose that nobody here will again try to prove that Noir is strictly a kind of expressionist crime film produced during a certain time frame by the American cinema (roughly 40's and 50's). That's a false and obsolete view. Noir film is a genre. And it's international.

You may also be interested by the attached chapters showing the links of other cinema genres with Noir, genres wherein a lot of good films are in fact Noir under disguise.
(title: Noir neighbors)

You will find these chapters and film recommendations at: HARD-BOILED MYSTERIES

check out the FILMS section link (in: CONTENTS)

Hope this will help.


At 09:33 22-08-03 +1000, you wrote:
>Good questions. I guess I'm looking at earlier or "classic" Noir films. They
>don't *have* to be b&w or from the 40's, but I already have later releases,
>like Tarantino's, covered.
>So, thinking about it a bit more, I guess I'm looking for dark crime films,
>pre-1980. But, of course, if there are stand-outs after 1980, I'd like to
>know them too. As I may not have them yet.
>Hmmmm, maybe this should be two lists: "Classic Noir" and "Modern Noir"? Or
>is that making it too complicated?

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