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Date: 22 Aug 2003

WOW! I turn the computer off for 24 hours and come back to over 100 messages from rara-avis. You guys got busy!

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> Some wonderful films on a lot of lists, but instead of echoing what a lot
of people have said, I'd like to stress that IN A LONELY PLACE is a brilliant adaptation of the Dorothy Hughes book, and if I hadn't neglected it the first time around it would have been very high on the list. Anybody claiming interest in film noir should see it. I have the book but have not read it -- but I recall reading that there are some significant differences between the two."

JT, without giving anything away, the differences between the novel and the film versions of IN A LONELY PLACE are even more startling than those between the two versions of THE LONG GOODBYE that have been argued about so heatedly here. I guess Ray's brilliant movie has ruined Hughes' book. But every noir fan out there should watch it anyway. I think it's one of the most adult and compelling noirs ever.

The lists everyone kicked out were terrific, but a few newer films worth mentioning didn't appear anywhere, so I'll mention them.

CUTTER'S WAY based on CUTTER AND BONE by Newton Thornburg. It's been mentioned on the list recently, but should get included in any list of great noir adaptions.

WHO'll STOP THE RAIN based on Robert Stone's DOG SOLDIERS. 'Nam-narcotics noir, nuff said.

THE WOMAN CHASER based on a novel by someone named Willeford. Incredibly faithful, incredibly dark and funny.


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