From: jumblejim (
Date: 22 Aug 2003

Jim Doherty wrote:

> Altman, instead of using the film medium to tell
> Chandler's story, used Chandler's story to criticize
> the genre. If he wanted to criticize the genre, he
> didn't have to use Chandler's novel as a vehicle.

What should he have used, THE ASPERN PAPERS?

> > I'd say any genre
> > needs to be examined in order to stay vital. Was
> > Altman's McCabe and
> > Mrs. Miller a contemptuous insult to the western
> > genre it explored?
> Genres stay vital by continuing to tell stories well.
> That's the ONLY way they stay vital. And yes, M&MM was
> a contemptuous insult to the western.

I begin to suspect, Jim, that no genre piece that isn't traditional is going to be acceptable by your lights. As much as I love private eye stories, I also love Westerns. And I thought M&MM was an excellent Western. It gave me some new ways to think about the genre, just as TLG did for me for the P.I. movie.

And frankly, I don't think either genre feels insulted by Altman.

Jim Beaver

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