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From: Craig Smith (
Date: 21 Aug 2003

Todd Mason wrote:

> From: Craig Smith
> Glad I could help in some way. So, where do you think you picked up the info
> on Davidson's writing techniques in the "Men's Sweat" magazines?
> --Not the best choice of words, there, Craig, but I'm quite sure I read
> about Davidson's dedication to writing true crime and other historical (vs.
> "true crime") work for the tough-guy magazines in Algis Budry's review of
> Davidson's wonderful novel MASTERS OF THE MAZE, wherein the protagonist is
> also a writer for such magazines. Even if Budrys hadn't highlighted it
> before I read the novel, I suspect I'd remember an offhand reference by the
> hero to the alien species he's dealing with, in the form of one of the
> titles manly rags would run: "Communist Chulpex Ate My Wife."

I dunno, "Men's Sweat" describes the cover art pretty well. Maybe you're thinking of the *other* type of "men's sweat" magazines -- the ones with centerfolds... I'll have to look for a copy of MASTER OF THE MAZE (I may even have one), and check to see if the info on Davidson is written there.
> So, who's your friend who knew Davidson? Went to high school with a
> Davis/Davidson family friend, myself. TM

I'll let you know privately, since he may not want his name used here.

Craig Smith

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