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Date: 21 Aug 2003

Todd Mason wrote:

> From: Craig Smith [mailto:]
>> The most startling thing about these magazines, perhaps, is that in the
> work
>> that Avram Davidson published in at least some of them was actually, to
> the
>> best of his ability to make it so, true. TM
> How so and do you mean Davidson's writing in CAVALIER, or the "Men's True
> Guts" type magazines?

> I haven't located my own copy of his Edgar-winning nonfiction book, but as I
> understand it he wrote both for the CAVALIER-level of pretty respectable
> skin mags and for the hairy-chest lurids, with integrity that Algis Budrys
> reports had him and AD's other colleagues in the racket rolling their eyes
> more in wonder than anything else. He would do research, sometimes at
> considerable expense, rather than making things up out of whole cloth, as
> did Budrys, Robert Silverberg, Harry Harrison and other talented
> contributors to the likes of MAN and MEN'S ADVENTURE. TM

That's interesting, I'd like to read more. When you say, "his Edgar-winning nonfiction book", do you mean Davidson or someone else? I wasn't aware of Davidson winning a nonfiction Edgar.

Craig Smith

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