Re: RARA-AVIS: Top 10 Noir Films Based on BOOKS

From: William Denton (
Date: 21 Aug 2003

On 21 August 2003, JT Lindroos wrote:

: Given that this list about BOOKS, (some of) my favorite (and obvious)
: adaptations of noir/hardboiled classics are:

I'll even quote from the list guidelines:

# ----- 1. All messages must relate, even if only slightly, to hardboiled and noir writing. Possible topics for discussion include:

    - Just what is hardboiled fiction?
    - How does it relate to film noir and/or the pulps?
    - Does Ross Macdonald belong in the triumvirate with Chandler and Hammett?
    - Who are the best modern practitioners?
    - Are there any truly hardboiled women writers?
    - How does the genre fit into modern literature?
    - Let me tell you about the new Jason Starr book!
    - Matt Helm: he's nothing like Dean Martin.
    - What's happening in non-English noir writing?

Movies are best discussed in relation to the written word: adaptations or screenplays by hardboiled/noir writers are all right, but film noir in general is better discussed in other mailing lists or newsgroups. RARA-AVIS is based on the written word. Everything on the list should be about hardboiled or noir writing, or directly related to it. That won't make a shortage of topics of conversation.
# -----

People are always itching to talk about film noir, I know, but you've got to tie it to the printed page!


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