RARA-AVIS: Top 10 Noir Films Based on BOOKS

From: JT Lindroos ( juha@oivas.com)
Date: 21 Aug 2003

Given that this list about BOOKS, (some of) my favorite (and obvious) adaptations of noir/hardboiled classics are:

Long Goodbye (Raymond Chandler/Robert Altman) Maltese Falcon (Dashiell Hammett/John huston) The Big Heat (William P. McGivern/Fritz Lang) Double Indemnity (James M. Cain/Billy Wilder) Out of the Past (Daniel Mainwaring-Geoffrey Homes/Jacques Tourneur) Coup De Torchon (Jim Thompson/Betrrand tavernier) Postman Always Rings Twice (James M. Cain/Tay Garnett, I think) Kiss Me Deadly (Mickey Spillane/A. I. Bezzerides/Robert Aldrich) Miami Blues (Charles Willeford/George Armitage) Grifters (Jim Thompson/Stephen Frears)

JT Lindroos
wit's end publishing

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