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From: Craig Smith (
Date: 21 Aug 2003

Todd Mason wrote:

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> From: Bill Crider
> I hadn't known that Mario Puzo
> wrote millions of words them, and they lasted until well into the 1970s.
> --I was able, as a sprat, to see the likes of SAGA and TRUE in the early
> '70s in the barber shops I frequented...ARGOSY, too, though it had moved
> away from the True Men's Adventure focus by its end (hey, a new elaborate
> version of ARGOSY, as a fiction magazine, is starting up). They weren't
> quite as, shall we say, fervid as MAN, but perhaps that's part of why they
> staggered into the '70s...
> The most startling thing about these magazines, perhaps, is that in the work
> that Avram Davidson published in at least some of them was actually, to the
> best of his ability to make it so, true. TM

How so and do you mean Davidson's writing in CAVALIER, or the "Men's True Guts" type magazines?

Craig Smith
(long time lurker, first time paster)

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