Date: 21 Aug 2003


Re your comment below:

> I'm afraid you're not familiar enough with either
> Kurosawa's intent nor the
> "historical events" of Macbeth. Kurosawa has spoken
> and written extensively
> about his adaptation of Shakespeare's play, making
> clear his intent to
> transpose the play (not the events) to a Japanese
> setting. And the events
> of the play that are carried from Macbeth to Throne
> of Blood are the
> dramatic creations of Shakespeare, not history.
> Banquo's ghost is not an
> historical event, but a dramatic one created by
> Shakespeare, and it's
> prominent in Throne of Blood. Same for the witches
> (three in Shakespeare,
> one in Kurosawa, but serving the same dramatic
> purpose). The scheming wife,
> floating daggers, the march of the forest toward the
> castle, the wife's
> suicide, none of these have historical bases, but
> all are adapted from
> Shakespeare's play into Kurosawa's film. The
> historical basis of Macbeth,
> btw, is pretty much limited to the murder of a
> Scottish king by one who
> succeeds him. The play, based loosely on this
> event, is Shakespeare's
> creation and Kurosawa's basis for Throne of Blood.
> For Kurosawa, the
> history was damn near irrelevant.

Fine. Then he was taking the PLOT and transposing it to Japan, then telling the story in his own way. As I said, I haven't seen THRONE OF BLOOD, which meant that any comment I made, based on an imperfect understanding borne of not seeing the film but hearing about it, should be taken with a grain of salt. In either case, it sounds like Kurosawa was approaching the source material with more respect than Altman was, so it isn't really a valid comparison, which was my original point.


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