Re: RARA-AVIS: Men's Magazines, "The Big Bounce," Armitage Versus Frankenheimer

From: jumblejim (
Date: 20 Aug 2003

Chris wrote:
> The reason I ask is that, in the Leonard, that scene where Young Male
>Protag lurked outside Mr. Majestyk's house and "The Tall T" was playing on
>television seemed to imply a dichotomy between Life As It Should Be Led
(i.e. >by Randolph Scott) and the protag's life (petty crime and dallying with >unbalanced females).

Could it be less an implied dichotomy than a simple bit of insider knowledge, i.e., that both "Mr. Majestyk" and "The Tall T" were written by Elmore Leonard? (The original stories, I mean, not the films.)

Jim Beaver

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