RE: RARA-AVIS: Motherless Brooklyn

Date: 17 Aug 2003

Miker wrote:
> But to be honest, I would say that Lionel is indeed pretty darned
> tough. He's persistent even in the face of danger, isn't he? I'd call
> that tough. I don't think a character needs to be a macho shitkicker
> to qualify as hardboiled.

I agree his persistence shines through. But I just felt the guy was a bit too earnest, beneath his Tourettisms. Earnest is not hardboiled. A little bit of PC flying around in there as well (and AFAIK the merest trace of PC is too much PC).

> And never hesitate to bring up the definitions debate. It's always
> worth a go.

That's debateable!

Charlie Williams.

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