RARA-AVIS: Suggestions for new paperback line

From: Charles Ardai ( charles@winterfall.com)
Date: 17 Aug 2003

Thanks, everyone, for the good wishes and the suggestions. Charles Williams is a favorite of mine, too, and we are definitely hoping to include one of his books in the line (I contacted his agent on Thursday, shortly before the blackout hit). Gil Brewer is one of those authors I keep wanting to like more than I do, but he's certainly got something, and if I can find one of his books that stands out as especially good, I'll go for it.

As for Elliott Chaze, BLACK WINGS is legendary, of course, and I'd be up for reprinting it, but so far have had no luck tracking down his estate. Another one I'd be excited about is Steve Fisher, but no one in the business seems to know what happened to his estate either. Amusingly enough, what's called for is some old fashioned detective work. Maybe I'll use that as the hook for my next novel: Hardboiled detective hired to track down estate of deceased pulp writer on behalf of a reprint line finds himself in hot water when said writer's demise turns out to have been less innocent than it appeared... (Joking aside, if any of you have leads on either the Chaze or the Fisher estate, please let me know.)

Thanks, Charles

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