RARA-AVIS: Joseph Losey and Noir

From: chrisaschneider@earthlink.net
Date: 14 Aug 2003

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>We should probably talk more about Losey. He had a genuinely noir sensibility. Even in Don Giovanni, of course in Don Giovanni.


Hey, anyone whose career (like Losey's) encompasses Mozart and Hammer Studios and Robert Ryan is all right in *my* book ...
I'd love to hear more about the director who might be described, Bunuel-fashion, as "The Obscure Object-ifier of Desire."
Perhaps, given the RARA-AVARIAN focus, one should begin with his Daniel Mainwaring collaboration,"The Lawless," or his Cain-esque "The Prowler"? I haven't seen either one, but my curiosity is certainly stirred.


P.S. And wasn't there brief talk of Losey's directing "Wake In Fright"?
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