RARA-AVIS: John Morgan Wilson

From: don ( dcannon1@ix.netcom.com)
Date: 12 Aug 2003

I'd recomend any of the John Morgan Wilson books. He won a well deserved Edgar with his first, Simple Justice. The quality of the series has held up, too. His protaginist has a Casandra quality, having or discovering information, which isn't believed. He is a reporter, that had won a Pulitzer,which was recended, when it was found, that he made up some of the quotes in the prize winning story. He's rather depresed and in an alcoholic haze. A friend tries to get him out of it, by hooking him up with a younger reporter, and the story results in a big case. He's at the top of his investigative powers, but no one believes him.

All the books in the series deal with different aspects of writing, Print journalism, documentary TV, etc. The ploting is very tight. The books are rather dark and depresing, too. One of them deals with a pederasty ring, that's killing children. An aquantance of his gets kidnaped. Wilson is very good at not turning the book in to a kids jep book, though. He doesn't use the kid to increase the tension, but deliberatly jeeps it focused on the protaginist. There's lots of tension, too.

As good as I think the books are, I think they've suffered from being written for a narow audience. They do have graphic sex scenes, often pretty violent, that some would prefir not to read about. I do think mambers of this list would enjoy them.

The Zubro books are much lighter and more traditional mysteries. I certainly wouldn't classify them as hardboiled.

don cannon
< dcannon1@ix.netcom.com>

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