RARA-AVIS: David Corbett

From: Mark Sullivan ( DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net)
Date: 11 Aug 2003

The Washington Post printed a rave review of David Corbett today. Seems he's a former San Francisco PI, just like Dashiell Hammett (and Joe Gores). They were positive with reservations about his first book, The Devil's Redhead, just out in paperback. However, they couldn't say enough good about his new one, concluding:

"There are no saints in this angry, gritty, uncompromising novel. Although 'Done for a Dime' is immensely readable, it may be too harsh, too painful, for some readers, but if you are looking for the best in contemporary crime fiction, this is it."

Has anyone here read it? Is it really this good?


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