Re: RARA-AVIS: Jean-Patrick Manchette

From: JT Lindroos (
Date: 09 Aug 2003

>>Juha, since you think so much of him, too, any chance of Wit's End
starting to do tranlsated works?<<

Offhand, I don't see why not but that would require for somebody to translate the books. We can't pay for translations at this point -- we have to make some money first -- so it would have to be done on a split royalty basis, and I don't know if anybody is willing to do that much work for no money upfront. Of course the two City Lights books received support from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so they might be willing to pay up. If anybody has leads & suggestions, I'm all ears. I bet there's plenty of other French, Spanish, Italian etc novels worthy of publication in the US.


JT Lindroos
wit's end publishing

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