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Date: 09 Aug 2003

At 20:37 07-08-03 -0700, you wrote:
>A fan of Jimmy Giuffre has already won my preliminary
>admiration. I bet Manchette liked Serge Chaloff, too, for
>which I would give him lots of generosity.
>He sounds like a cool writer.

Manchette was all his life long a great fan of jazz (mainly modern jazz). The list of what he liked therein could be long and not limited to Giuffre and his trio, Giuffre playing at Music Inn with the MJQ, or even his concert with Paul Bley. To be noticed: he was also a cinema aficionado and wrote very personal film reviews for some magazines; he produced also scripts for French films.

He's not only cool, he's one of the best of the French HB/Noir. A major influence on a lot of contemporary French writers.

I personally think that Baudrillard can be just a "rigolo" most of the time, but full of his own importance. If I remember well he had a lot of followers in the US where he was teaching and conferencing in universities. Guy Debord was a little bit over the top with his lettrisme movement in art, but I think that his essays on the foreseen total "capture", and control, of all the important media by non-democatic powers were visionary
(written during the 60s), as we are now living it in all the developed countries. He committed suicide in 1994.

All this being said, read Manchette's novels.

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