Re: RARA-AVIS: Jean-Patrick Manchette

From: Michael Robison (
Date: 09 Aug 2003

Jennifer Howard wrote:
> This spring I read "The Prone Gunman" and "Three to Kill," in the City
> Lights translations, for the Boston Review. Even though different people
> did the translations, the style stayed distinctive and recognizable, which
> makes me think the translations aren't bad. I'm not an expert on
> Situationism but feel that its influence on Manchette comes through pretty
> clearly in those two novels. If anybody's interested, you can take a look
> at the BR piece here:
> (Warning: To make my case I wound up including some plot spoilers, so
> read the piece if you haven't read the novels but want to.)

******** Thanks for the link to your reviews, Jennifer. I slipped in and read a bit, but bailed because of your spoiler warnings. I liked your reference to a source on situationism. I'm usually clueless when it comes to those special terms and a reference is always appreciated. I have been meaning to read Manchette for quite a while but haven't gotten around to him yet. The two books you read are the ones I've got my eye on. He's written another one that's been translated and I think I saw a movie version of it with Jack Nicholson as an ex-cop who can't give up on his last case concerning a murdered child.


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