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From: Kevin Burton Smith ( kvnsmith@thrillingdetective.com)
Date: 06 Aug 2003

Just a quickie blast of BSP, and I'll get out of here.

The new issue of THRILLING DETECTIVE WEB SITE is out. You can exhale now.

We've got a way-cool P.I. TRIVA CONTEST (complete with prizes) that we think you'll get a kick out of -- but I better warn ya -- it's tough! Really tough.

But it's also kinda fun. And the answers are mostly on the site. Give it a whirl -- if you're not too CHICKEN!

Hot new fiction this go-round, as chosen and nurtured by two-fisted fiction editor Gerald So, includes "Munchies" by Jack Bludis (from the Hardbroiled anthology), "Get Miles Away" by David White, "The Thirteen Feathers" by Ron Miller and Robert W. Tinsley's "Beating On The Border."

Yep, it's all here: tales of drugs, group sex, battered women, battered men, frames, revenge, arson, murder, cheese and hot mustard. what more could ya want?

We've also got some pretty good non-fiction stuff, including "Why I Love Crime Fiction" by Leonard Chang. Leonard is the creator of Korean/American would-be P.I. Allen Choice, and his thoughts on the possibilities of the genre are pretty cool.

Plus all the usual delirious ravings from the usual gang of miscreants you've grown to expect.

And Rara Avians get in free! (Hell, half of you have contributed to the damn thing!)


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