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From: Mario Taboada (
Date: 05 Aug 2003


<<But here's something that is not "crap" about the classic crime novels of the 30s: Male protagonists prefer a world where women do not influence their moral choices or restrain their subversive sense of justice.>>

Yes, but this is hardly limited to male protagonists of PI novels, or to fictional males. A lot of unfictional men preferred a world like that. To a practical degree, they had a world like that. Today, the situation is superficially different, but still basically the same.

The real, insoluble problem for the man of our day is that women no longer take him seriously. What can he do with that? Wash the dishes, help around the house, "be sensitive", share decisions? He will still not be taken seriously -- and he will still prefer a world where women do not influence, etc.

Do you think the women that appear in the classic PI novels take Marlowe & Associates seriously? Would they want to get seriously involved with such guys? Perhaps the proverbial loneliness of the classic PI is not entirely his choice.

I'm just poking in the compost to see if any fat worms come out. For bait.

Best, and thanks to the Dean for his wonderful reminiscences of the old newspaper days.


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