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From: JT Lindroos (
Date: 05 Aug 2003

>>The latest newsletter from Dennis McMillan lists among upcoming
publications, '. . . a large Charles Willeford compendium, to be entitled The Muse, Mr. Willeford, and Mammon, which will include a<<

That is very cool -- there is plenty of material in the vaults, and I'm thrilled to see this one coming out too. I asked Dennis about the contents early on so as not to overlap, but I don't think he got back to me. But I'm expect Betsy was in the loop and managed the flow of material.

>>By the way how's that hardcover edition coming? Can it be pre-ordered
from you?<<

Yup, you can pre-order -- we've been somewhat frustrated with the printer as with every single step it has taken longer than expected. We still don't have them in hand, but they promise this week. They did that last week too, so we really shouldn't give any dates, but I really, truly expect to have the copies in hand before the end of the week. I really wanted copies out before the end of Willeford month -- at least the trade has shipped and all advance orders, review copies etc should have been delivered.

We may have further exciting Willeford publishing news in a week or two. Stay tuned.


JT Lindroos
wit's end publishing

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