RARA-AVIS: Academic Article

From: Donna ( donna.moore@virgin.net)
Date: 01 Aug 2003

Hi All,

Jay wrote:

> This article, written in opaque academic jargon, states
> that the female noir or hard boiled writer must replace the hard edged
> rationality of the male PI with the compassionate, sympathetic behavior
> of the female,

Errrrr......turn it into a cosy in other words? :o) What a lot of crap that article sounds - the sort of thing that appears to be written without passion or heart or a love of the genre - just a way of the writer saying "Look how many big words and philosophical ideas I know". Why do people have to analyse books/paintings/poems etc to within an inch of their life? What's wrong with just appreciating a book for having great characters, powerful writing and a thrilling plot - in short, just a bloody good story.

>My question is simply, can the genre be
> considered to subordinate a compassionate, community centered female
> solution
> to a stoic, aggressive response of the male hero who must act alone,
> outside the law, and in isolation from females, even those he admires?

Um, is that the SIMPLE version of the question?!


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