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>I know Lanham published other
>novels but I know nothing about him. Any opinions out there?
 For a biographical sketch on Lanham you might try
 Best, Luca
 Luca Conti
The link leads to a fascinating bio--grandfather a governor of Texas, expat in the Paris of the 20s and 30s and acclaimed mainstream novels prior to his mystery career. One of his proletariate period novels has been reprinted by the University of Oklahoma and I look forward to reading it. The mystery I am reading (SLUG IT SLAY) is quite good and I will report on it later in detail.

The link oddly does not mention that a Lanham story was the basis of the movie "The Senator was Indiscreet" with a screenplay by Charles MacArthur and directed by George Kaufman and starring William Powell in 1947. Another story about the same time was filmed starring Carole Landis.

Quite a career and I will report on SLUG IT SLAY and other novels purchased through Abebooks very soon.

Richard Moore

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