RARA-AVIS: "best private eye parody"?

From: chrisaschneider@earthlink.net
Date: 29 Jul 2003

> From: JIM DOHERTY < jimdohertyjr@yahoo.com>
> Sent: 07/29/03 06:11 AM
> [Hope's] "My Favorite Brunette" may be the best private eye parody (of "Murder My Sweet") ever filmed.


As soon as you use that word "best," you're gonna have yourself an argument.

For my money, I prefer the "Girl Hunt" number in "The Band Wagon," with Fred Astaire as a Mike Hammer caricature named Rod Riley and the following lines of pseudo-tough narration (written by an uncredited Alan Jay Lerner):

"She came at me in sections. More curves than a scenic railway."

"She was bad, she was dangerous, I wouldn't trust her any further than I could throw her -- but -- she was my kind of woman."

And shouldn't we also mention Daffy Duck in the Robert Clampett-directed "Great Piggy Bank Robbery"?


As long as we're talking "My Favorite Brunette," though, it might as well be noted that the story's being told as a flashback from a jail cell counts as parody of "Postman Always Rings Twice." Its plot is kicked off by Hope's character, a baby photographer, "minding the store" for a detective played (in cameo) by Alan Ladd -- thus making it all a reaction to such Ladd vehicles as "Blue Dahlia" and the second "Glass Key." And, given that the plot turns on Hope's specialized camera with its ability to take photos through keyholes, you could easily claim that "Brunette" is a film founded upon voyeurism ...


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