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Date: 25 Jul 2003

On 7/26/2003, "Michael Robison" <> wrote:

>Jesse Willis wrote:
>> The quote from "Heart of Darkness" reads almost like
>> Robert E. Howard's "Queen Of The Black Coast"!
>Darn, Jesse! The book sounded like an interesting change of pace so
>I looked it up on Abebooks and it must be one of those hot collector
>items. I couldn't touch it for less that $18.

You can get copies of REH's "Queen of the Black Coast" for much cheaper than that. I forget which of the Lancer/Ace Conan volumes it is in (edited by DeCamp); but they crop up on eBay and abebooks for just a few books each. It is also collected in one of the Gollancz/Millennium Fantasy Masterworks volumes by REH. I am at work now and will check when

I get home.

In Don Herron's DARK BARBARIAN, one of the essays there makes a very strong case for many of REH's stories being "hard-boiled" in tone, plot, theme, etc.

Best, Mark Hall

Mark Hall

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