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From: Mario Taboada (
Date: 25 Jul 2003


<<Truth to tell, I find Burke's style confusing at times, and I would say that he would serve his readers better by shortening up just bit. But then, who am I to criticize? He sells lots of books and I don't. There must be a reason.>>

Burke has created strong, durable characters. That maybe why people go back to his series. His descriptions of weather, vegetation and the local scene are often repetitive -- at least, I have the feeling of having read them in a previous book of his series.

I find Burke at his best in stories like The Convict, where every word serves a purpose and one can feel and smell each scene.

In the long sentences of Conrad, one cannot take anything out without subtracting meaning. That is not the same as being long-winded.

Faulkner's many astonishingly long and convoluted sentences create a hypnotic effect, the effect of following somebody's thinking or somebody telling the story without an outline. It's effective writing, strong writing. Short sentences wouldn't to to tell the same thing. His writing is always self-assured. If you trust that he knows what's going on, you can continue reading and unravel the story. And what fascinating stories he told...



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