Re: RARA-AVIS: [Bend it like Carver! Not!] Re: HEART OF DARKNESS

From: Miles Archer (
Date: 25 Jul 2003

on 7/25/03 1:11 AM, Al Guthrie at wrote:

> Or is it just irritating?

Ah well, that depends on your irritation threshold.

Of course, you could write sentences like RB Parker's:
  I answered the phone. It was Susan. I was happy to hear her voice. We talked sex for a long time. I went to bed. I got up. I found the killer. The bad guy who is my friend killed him for me. (Sorry for that last sentence. It was too long.)

Some language flows nicely, and if you can keep the sense of the sentence in your head for, oh, let's say a minute, then it works. Not for everyone. But then, who cares if 'everyone' likes your stuff? I'd settle for a three digit number.


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