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Date: 24 Jul 2003

on 7/24/03 1:08 PM, Mario Taboada at wrote:

> Warning: Softboiled reminiscence.
> When I was in college, my instructor in creative writing
> brought to class a Conrad passage very similar to the one
> Miker quoted and, after reading it, triumphantly asked the
> class:
> How would you improve on this?

Writing styles go in and out of favor, although perhaps not as rapidly as hemlines or shoes.

Hemmingway, Thomas Wolfe and a long string of others that fail to come to mind at the moment, are perennially in or out of fashion. I like them both, which says something, but I'm not sure what.

Certainly HOD qualifies as noir. And it was very unusual, for it's day, in that it had no 'happy ending'. I would also offer MOBY DICK as noir, or at least part of the foundation of the genre.

I suspect that one of the reasons long sentances, adjectives, adverbs and other devices are out of favor is due to the reading habits and abilities of the current generation (including mine, the BBs). Everything is short now. Quick cuts in movies. Frantic camera work on TV series.

Perhaps it will cycle around again and I'll be able to use the long sentences I so enjoy.

Thanks, as always, for the wonderful discussions on this list. Makes me wish I were a bit smarter.

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