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Date: 23 Jul 2003

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<< In any case, my apologies if I offended you personally. >>

    No apology necessary. I've been at RARA for about three years now and think I have a decent picture of what we do here. I'm always a bit prickly when I hear someone suggest that one writer or another is not worthy of discusssion. It always feels a tad elitist to me, because it rests in the end on well informed, but ultimately subjective judgments. I don't mind criticizing authors or their work, but I dislike efforts to send them beneath the salt.

    Also, I guess that your lack of concern in the past about the literary quality of works relating the adventures of such marvelous but one demensional protagonists as Mike Hammer, Shell Scott, Mike Shayne, Dan Turner and others, made me wonder why you chose to draw an acceptability line above the heads of these two women and their authors.

    It doesn't matter really. You and I see these writers and their work differently. I admire Grafton's attention to her craft, and I know from the brief discussions I've had with Paretsky that she is aiming higher than you believe she is hitting. I think they hold their own in terms of quality with many of the writers we discuss regularly here. You obviously feel otherwise.

                                    Jim Blue


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