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Date: 23 Jul 2003

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<< That's a straight list of the last few you've read and not

a stacked deck of the ones you can name? >>

I just finished reading two P.I anthologies, "Private Eyes" and "Most Wanted." Also, I'm reading all the John Lutz, Terry Faherty, and Jerry Healy stuff I own because I'm up against those guys in the Shamus competition this year, and I want to remind myself of two things:
    Why I probably won't win, and how great an experience it is to be mentioned once in their company.
    Also, I'm now reading all pf the Doc Ford stuff in order. I cheated a little with John Leslie whom I haven't read since last spring and Pelecanos whom I finished off in March, but the list is pretty representative of my summer reading.

                                    Jim Blue

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