RE: RARA-AVIS: Hardboiled politics

From: Robison Michael R CNIN (
Date: 22 Jul 2003

Jim Blue wrote: The wiggle words in this statement are "a lot." It is equally true that "a lot" of the current hard boiled protagonists are as heroic and as far from loser land as their predecessors. IMO, the self acknowledged losers are still a minority voice, but maybe that reflects my reading choices more than it reflects the overall picture.

********** I'd say "self-acknowledged" is a wiggle word.

They don't lose at their jobs, but the rest of their life sucks. They have few friends. They don't like hardly anybody. They are not happy. If they have a relationship at all with someone of the opposite sex, it's usually dysfunctional. Let me name the authors of the last 10 private/police detective novels I've read: Taibo, Hammett, Prather, Hamilton, Sallis, Estelman, Torrey, Lochte, McGivern, Corris. Two of them are old enough that they had no private life, Torrey and Hammett. That leaves 8. Out of those 8, only Prather's Shell Scott was a happy camper, and he is so ridiculous as to not hardly count.

Name the last few detective novels you've read. No cheating and culling the list to fit the premise, either. I wanna hear about some of these hardboiled winners.


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