Re: RARA-AVIS: Lone Wolf

From: Stephen Holden (
Date: 21 Jul 2003

> > > My idea is that American readers tend to like the idea that
> > > a single individual can often succeed where the bureacuracy
> > > (as represented in detective stories by the police) can't.
> >
> > Maybe that's where I go "wrong". As a European (and even more as a
> > North-European) I tend to think that bureacracy - i.e. police and other
> > authorities - are the ones who should be called to help, not some
> > individual.
> >
> As an American, I tend to think this is the funniest thing anyone's said
> on this list in weeks.
> Metta,
> Ivan

As a Northern European (well, an Englishman, so we don't consider ourselves European), I'll second that sentiment. As someone who was mugged/stabbed recently, and had to endure the incompetence of various bureacracies (police, hospitals, courts), I'd go along with the individual every time.


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