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Date: 19 Jul 2003

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<< in the real world,

fixers, heroes, that stuff belongs to fiction. >>

    Sometimes, but there are moments when we all get lucky and a solitary, brave, individual stands up, risks all, and saves the day. We love it when it happens, and Americans may love it most of all because we want to believe that action such as this is who we are and what we're about. Many of us want our fiction to reflect that picture. That's probably why we're so reluctant to think of Chandler as a Brit and Ross McDonald as a Canadian.
    Oftentimes we even want our police procedurals to be dominated by a Harry Bosch or even a Dirty Harry. To many, a cop like Bullitt is the quintessential American police hero. We don't really believe that "Society itself" can do very much, very effectively, or very fast in a crisis. We want some uncommon common man or woman to step forward, take charge, and do everything possible to put things right. We like Jim D.'s heroes for the hard stuff.

                                Jim Blue

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