RARA-AVIS: Back to Willeford

From: Bill Bowers ( BBowers@one.net)
Date: 12 Jul 2003

It's probably due to Summer Drift ... or maybe the digest I receive in the morning will be crammed with Willeford references....

In the meantime, those of you totally unfamiliar with Charles Willeford could do worse than to check out


A 'sampler' page of excerpts from most of Willeford's books. [I, naturally, enjoyed the portions of "Cockfighter Journal 1989"....]

This page is part of a site


created by Maura McMillan back in the beginning of 2001, and apparently still maintained.

There is an extensive time-line style Biography, and also a page titled:

"Never-Before-Seen Visual Art by Willeford" ... which, considering I spent most of 1967-68 at the same Filipino base at which Willeford did time
[9/36-10/38] thirty years earlier, and I was also familiar with (what was left of) the indigenous population, I would have enjoyed anyway.

...but, given where I now reside, I found it particularly delightful!

[Also, a page and a link on the film adaptations, plus more. Go forth, and browse....]

Bill Bowers
         [Thanks for the reference, Betsy.]

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