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From: Etienne Borgers (
Date: 11 Jul 2003

At 17:47 10-07-03 +0300, Juri wrote:
>Etienne was recommending Simenon titles:
>> THE BROTHERS RICO - Les fr貥s Rico (1962)
>Actually it is 1952. This was made into a film by Phil Karlson in 1957.


Nice to see that you're back on R-A!

You are of course right, Simenon's "THE BROTHERS RICO - Les fr貥s Rico " was issued in *1952* and not in 1962 as mentioned in my previous message. Sorry for the typo!

As for the films based on the book, there was a further US adaptation in 1972 (film for TV) 'The Family Rico' having a rather good reputation, but I never saw it.

(and.. there was this excellent film by Visconti, with Delon, titled: "Rocco and His Brothers" -1960- that has nothing to do with Simenon, and was based on an Italian novel. But the title was so close..!)

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