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From: William Denton (
Date: 09 Jul 2003

THE BURNT ORANGE HERESY (1971) opens with a little bit of destruction of minor woodcraft:

| Two hours ago the Railway Expressman delivered the crated, newly
| Beach apartment. I signed for the set, turned the thermostat of
| the air-conditioner up three degrees, found a clawhammer in the
| kitchen, and broke open the crate. Twenty-four beautiful buckram-
| bound volumes, eggshell paper, deckle edged. Six laborious years in
| preparation, more than twenty-five hundred illustrations--436 in
| full-color plates--and each thoroughly researched article written
| and signed by a noted authority in his specific field of art history.
| Two articles were mine. And my name, James Figueras, was also
| referred to by other critics in three more articles. By quoting me,
| they gained authoritative support for their own opinions.

This is one of my favourite Willeford books, by the way. I've lent it to a couple of artists who'd never read much crime writing and they loved it. It's certainly one of the best art-related novels I've read.


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