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From: William Denton (
Date: 09 Jul 2003

On 9 July 2003, Bill Bowers wrote:

: [And, thanks to a discussion last year on r-a, I bought the DVD of the
: filmed version. Don't be put off by the fact that it is a Roger Corman
: film; it is a remarkably faithful retelling of the novel. I'm sure that
: this is aided by the fact that, iirc, Willeford wrote the screenplay; he
: also has a cameo...

There was an interview with the diretor, Monte Hellman, in last month's UNCUT (a British music magazine). He said Corman had added exploding cars and topless women to the movie, but he was glad they'd been taken out for the DVD. It's too bad, in a way, they didn't include the other stuff as outtakes so we could see how badly it didn't fit.

: I have no idea how much actual 'research' Willeford did, but trust me
: ... he has the "atmosphere" down, stone cold.

I read somewhere, but I forget where, that he made a short book for himself full of research before writing COCKFIGHTER. He got to know it all very well.


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