From: Dave ( davezelt@attbi.com)
Date: 28 Jun 2003

I just rented "Hit Me", which is an awful movie and a completely pointless adaptation of Jim Thompson's "A Swell-Looking Babe". Other than some of the names (although "Dusty" Rhodes becomes Sonny Rhodes) and elements of the rip-off scheme, the movie has nothing in common with the book. Makes you wonder what they were thinking - to buy the rights to such a great crime book and turn it into such crap? The video box lists William Macy prominently on the box - he's got about a 30 second cameo in this. Elias Koteas stars, and I don't think anyone watching this would want to choose him for Marlowe (although he was good in
"Exotica" and "A Thin Red Line"). My choice for Marlowe - Michael Madsen, although if Keitel can play Elvis, what the hell - give him a shot.


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