From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 27 Jun 2003

Dave wrote:

"And as far as Kevin's comment about this movie being unavailable in Britain until recently sounds like pure hypocrisy - I'm sure far worse has been shown over the years there."

From what little I know about the UK's video release policies (I'm sure someone from the UK could tell us more), there have been quite a few movies held up due to violence, including Reservoir Dogs. From what I have read, there also seems to be an element of elitism and/or racism. Films that are thought to appeal to certain types are held up, but the extremely violent Dutch (?) satire Man Bites Dog about a documentary crew tagging along with a serial killer had no trouble since it was in black and white and had subtitles and was therefore thought to appeal to an artier crowd. I wonder how the later variation on the same idea, Natural Born Killers, fared.


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