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Date: 26 Jun 2003

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 Subject: Re: RARA-AVIS: Anyone here meeet John D. MacDonald
 I met him just once, very briefly, in a book- signing line at the
 1983 Bouchercon; he was given the Grandmaster Award that year, and
 Stephen King flew in from Maine to introduce JDM. I taught two of
 his books to my high school jr. and sr. classes in Mystery Fiction. (
 Deep Boue and Empty Copper)

I too met him in that same book-signing line. Oddly I remember King being at the convention but not introducing MacDonald. I recall that the interviewer in the now established formula of interviews with the Guest of Honor was conducted by William Goldman. Perhaps I arrived late and missed the introduction.
 The memory of the details has faded. Too bad that was before the days when sessions were routinely taped.

As for that booksigning, it was before the days of restrictions to a certain number of items to be signed and I was behind a guy who had a huge box of books to be signed. MacDonald was a patient and gracious man at that convention and I'm sorry he didn't live to grace many others.

Richard Moore

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